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A Level Biology Tuition in Hemel Hempstead

AS and A2 Biology AQA, OCR Nuffield-Salters and Edexcel Private Teaching

Fully Qualified Experienced Teachers helping you.

Hemel Hempstead 1:1 Private Tutors are highly qualified CRB checked (Disclosure and Barring Service) subject tutors and fully qualified experienced AS and A2 Level teachers.

Early Morning 7-8:30am, Daytime, Evening and Weekend Tuition available. Home Science using professional equipment.

Using a MicroscopeWe cover the OCR, AQA and Edexcel Syllabuses. Much of the A level syllabuses require practical work to help the students gain a firm understanding of the Biological concepts. As well as supporting the A Level Biology theory we encourage our students to undertake practical work with us to enhance their learning.

We have a well resourced A Level Biology facility and are able to do all the Biological experiments necessary to support the different A level Syllabuses.

We make the difference. Not just tutors, but qualified experienced teachers. We cover much of the practical work not done in schools that enable students to understand Biology and how it works. Using different microscopes and by making their own slides the students see first 

hand what makes up organisms and how the different systems inter-relate. The students practice biological techniques so when they need to do assessed practicals in schools they already have a wealth of experience. The students carry out several biochemical assays of the body systems to test for all the major foodstuffs. The students explore the world of enzymes and investigate their parameters. Approaching the Examination time we look at exam technique, finding ways to get a few extra marks that can make all the difference in the grades.

We spend time looking and practicing exam papers both those set by the examination boards and also looking and practicing many similar questions.

We spend time looking at the areas of student weakness and turn these into strengths. In schools the students must move onto the next topic, we can concentrate on any topics that the student is unsure of, strengthening those areas in which the student is weak. We try to make well rounded individuals who are confident in their own ability in the subject. From this confidence come excellent grades and a sure foundation for further work at University.