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Further Maths is a difficult subject. It follows on from the A Level Maths course, but usually is taken at the same time as A Level Maths. The Further Maths course assumes that the student already knows much of the A Level Maths Syllabus. This is where we can help. Instead of teaching the Futher Maths straight away we teach some of the essential Maths skills needed from  A level Maths to ensure a thorough understanding of the Further Maths concepts. The New A level Further Maths is a difficult undertaking and we can provide full access to all the Integral Maths Suite to help Maths students achieve the very best possible grades using the latest technolgy and suppport.

Maths Workshop

We offer a Maths workshop session in addition where students can work with guided help on Maths problems and past examination papers. Working in small groups gives the students the necessary reassurance and confidence to improve their grades