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GCSE Level: Biology, 21st Century Science, Double Science

Using a BuretteWe offer a range of support covering from OCR 21st Century Science to AQA Double and Triple Science. Some schools cover the topics individually others cover them together in one big all reaching subject. Our staff teach both the pure sciences and the combined science giving you the benefit of both skills. We believe in letting our students engage in and learn from practical work. When we go out to your home we take the necessary equipment to allow the students to take part in a science experiment that they can design and perform using state of the art equipment. At my home (I teach the Biology) I have aUsing Visking Tubing to model the gut testing for starch and glucose wide range of science equipment and resources which can be used to allow your son or daughter to learn not just from books but to learn by doing the experiments themselves. This leads to a better understanding of what happens. Nowadays it seems that less and less science practical is done in schools and this leads to a poorer understanding of the concepts. We offer more traditional methods of science teaching that allows students to make guided discoveries that they can more easily remember and this gives rise to more confidence in the subject. Girls in mixed schools often take the back seat in discovery. With home tuition this all changes allowing them to achieve their full potential.

Using a colorimeter
Datalogging SoftwareWe teach science from all ages gives a good basic grounding in science from year 3 onwards. The older students study the separate traditional sciences to prepare them for A level study. We have a variety of scientific equipment ranging from ripple tanks to simple electrical circuit kits, we look at enzymes and use 3-d models to help explain how things work. We iuse many commonly available chemicals to show how chemical reactions happen. We use binocular compound microscopes and the centrifuge. We use data loggers to record and manage the data collected. Read More

Here are some Books that you might find useful.