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Adult Tuition

For various reasons adults often need to gain a good qualification in Maths and need to return to this subject to gain either a good understanding or to gain a GCSE in the subject.

Have you missed out on your education. Stuck in a job and cannot progress. Lack of Maths not helping your job prospects. In this time of lack of jobs extra qualifications can help. What ever your standard we can help you and bring you up to scratch. We provide a discrete 1:1 tuition service. We fit your tuition to your needs. For example

  • English Conversation for those whom English is not their first language and want to improve their speaking and listening skills.
  • Coaching for Numerical Reasoning Tests
  • Maths for the Armed Services
  • Maths for Public Services

Many jobs now require numerical reasoning tests. We offer a booster service to help you practice these tests before the interview to give you the best chance of succeeding.


We also teach GCSE and A level subjects to help gain extra skills and qualifications.