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KS3 Maths English & Science Tuition

Fully Qualified Experienced Teachers helping you.

Hemel Hempstead 1:1 Private Tutors are highly qualified CRB checked (Disclosure and Barring Service) subject tutors and fully qualified experienced GCSE teachers.

Early Morning 7-8:30am, Daytime, Evening and Weekend Tuition available. Home Science using professional equipment.

KS3 Learning sets the firm foundation for GCSE's, although we do find that in some of the schools in the area that some GCSE's are done in this KS3 learning area.

The core subjects are Maths Science and English.

KS3 Science This is the stage at which good scientists are made. Learning the right techniques, plenty of practical skills gives a good understanding to the principles used later on. We do a considerable amount of practical work so the students can see the principles themselves rather than being given some facts to remember. Doing this practical work ensures that the students enjoy science and often want to continue with this for their A level studies.

KS3 Maths is about the basics of Mathematics which are still tested for at GCSE. When we take on many year 10 students we often have to cover this material again because it is not followed up enough at school.

KS3 English is used in every subject. The students need to become very proficient in English very quickly because virtually every other subject relies on the students to write and record and explain.