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We are better equipped than most schools, offering equipment to enable students to carry out practical work, and to prepare for practical exams 

Launching the Physics botWe at Hemel Private Tuition try to redress this balance. We believe in Practical work and try to do practical work at every available opportunity.

We have a good deal of scientific apparatus and are continually buying more to cover the lack of equipment and resources in schools. For Measuring Gravity using Lego and the NXTmany of my students experiments in school often mean watching You Tube or at best watching the teacher. We believe in hands on work. The students do the experiments. Sometimes they go wrong but the students do learn from their mistakes. The students who do their own experiments benefit the most. They do and they understand and then of course they remember. Science is not just about academic standards, it is also about understanding and doing things in a laboratory. Rates of ReactionThere are many experiments that are too dangerous for the home environment and require expensive items like fume cupboards. But so many other non dangerous experiments can be done or alternatives found that the students can do themselves. I do so many experiments with students that are cheap to do, safe, quick and fun. The students learns that experiments are part of being a scientist. There is of course an initial financial layout for me, but it makes for much better education and this leads to better results.

A Level Chemistry A Level Biology A Level Physics GCSE ScienceIzabella using a low power microscopeThe last two times I have done the hydrolysis of water, the families of the students and some of their friends gathered around to see the testing for hydrogen and oxygen by their children and friends. We like to bring science alive.Testing for Oxygen

We do lots of experiments and with lots of students, but for protection reasons only a couple of my A level students are shown in the photographs.

I don't have a lab technician to prepare the experiments so I encourage the students to help. Often they say this is the best part of the experiments. They set everything up from scratch and this is the achievement.Measuring resonance

We cover a board range of science practicals using some expensive equipment like our ripple tank to give a first hand view on the structure and properties of waves to simples experiments on waves using plumb lines and weights to measure the Simple Harmonic Motion of a Pendulum. We have oscilloscopes and meters for Physics. We have stereo and binocular compound microscopes, staining kits and quadrats for Biology. We have jointed glassware for refluxing and distillation for Organic Chemistry. We have a range of chemicals and glassware to perform most of the GCSE and A Level chemistry. We are continually adding to the range of equipment to bring the best to your son or daughter.