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Welcome to Philip M Russell Ltd and experience unparalleled private education with Online and In-Person Tutoring. Fully qualified and experienced teachering. We have our own classroom, laboratory and a TV Studo. All the equipment to do every practical.

1:1 Tuition £40 GCSE £50 A-level
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Maths GCSE Online lessons from £25 per hour in a class setting.

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1:1 Tuition

Experience the best teaching from a qualified and experienced teacher with top-notch facilities for 1:1 teaching in a classroom and laboratory. Our teaching aids include visualisers, smartboards, and experiments for GCSE and A Level to aid understanding. We take electronic notes for students and send them straight to their phones using a Wacom Cintiq tablet, ensuring easy access to materials. Additionally, we have a vast electronic resource of hundreds of exam papers, including many not normally available to students. We offer both in-person and online teaching options from our TV studio, making learning accessible and convenient for all.

Teaching and Learning on-line

While many schools can't perform experiments online, we can, and it leads to better understanding. Our TV broadcast studio is equipped with studio lighting, multiple microphones, and up to 5 high-definition cameras to provide the best possible online learning environment. We have all the necessary experiments to aid learning and conduct lessons over YouTube and classroom sessions over Zoom from our multicamera TV Studios.

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Posted on December 9, 2023

New Text here

Posted on December 8, 2023

Investigating chemical reactions with year 8. Giving the students an opportunity to play with the bunsen burners when looking at heating blue Copper Sulfate and turning it white and then adding water to make it blue again and getting some heat back before repeating the experiment.

Posted on December 7, 2023

Heating and cooling dry air using @pascoscientific wireless pressure and temperature sensors to detect the change in temp slow and pressure fast. Quick and easy science experiments with charts to walk away with.

Posted on December 6, 2023

Prep for A-level year 2 mocks. Not done differentiation and Integration, so can only do about 1/3 of the paper since most of the paper is A level, not AS, so many of the students are only able to do AS questions, not the harder A level ones.

Posted on December 5, 2023

What is light? How many colours are there.?Are some colours just the figment of the mind like red and green light makes yellow? Is white light real, or is it made up of other colours? And is it a wave or a particle? So many questions to find answers to.

Posted on December 4, 2023

Calculations of Biomass. How many aphids on a leaf? What percentage are infected? The mass of one aphid multiplies up compared to the mass of the tree.

Posted on December 3, 2023

How do sorts and searches work, and what are their advantages? Mechanically modelling them to see how they might work gives the students another way to visualise what is going on.

Posted on December 2, 2023

Teaching online with Zoom. We can still do experiments, but they are harder by remote control or have to be demos. But still, with a selection of cameras and tools, we can still make great lessons to be remembered.

Posted on December 1, 2023

AQA required practical electrolysis but quite a few year 11 students had not done it so after a quick refresher on the theory they had a go and correctly predicted the chemicals and successfully tested for oxygen, hydrogen and chlorine gases.

Posted on November 30, 2023

Could you change the air pressure with just the heat in your hands? The @Pascoscientific Pressure sensor could detect the change in pressure, and the thermometer recorded the change in temperature as the Pressure went up from 99.1 kPa to 100.1 kPa

Posted on November 29, 2023

Maths Homework - have a go at this Maths Paper. Now we have completed the syllabus practice is essential. With Maths, it is all about practice and learning how to use taught strategies to solve new problems.

Posted on November 28, 2023

Using the Hotwheels track to launch cars from 1m, .75m, .5m and 25cm, and then to measure their KE using a @pascoscientific light gate and Capstone. Working out why KE didn't = gPE was more of a problem because it was better when dropping a ball.