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Hemel Private Tuition

On-line and Secure Classroom Teaching

1:1 Private teaching online or in our COVID-19 secure classroom

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Professional  1:1 Teaching 
GCSE and A-Level in Maths And Science

Fully qualified experienced teacher
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1:1 Tuition

Booked 1:1 Lessons take place at the normal time,  but on-line using
Webex  philip-42.my.webex.com
We are live using a Live Broadcast studio using TV Broadcast equipment.
I have in my home classroom, all the experiments that are done at GCSE and at A Level, not just the required practicals, but practical experiments for all the learning situations, to help you learn effectively.

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Teaching and Learning on-line

The School teaching around here is very patchy. Some schools offer a bit of online homework and no teaching, to some running Google classroom or similar trying to run a full timetable. Many can only offer lessons run by their teachers from their own homes, using a webcam.
My home is equipped with a TV broadcast studio, with multicameras to give the best possible online learning environment. I have all the experiments which can be demonstrated at this time,  to aid the learning If your school is doing well then great, but for the rest then come in and see what I can do for you. We run lessons over YouTube and classroom sessions over the business industry standard CISCO Webex.

TimeTable for Year 10-11

In addition to all my experiments on YouTube, I am now running a series covering the whole GCSE syllabus in Science and Maths.
 My YouTube Channel is 
Philip Russell

Edexcel Maths GCSE

Monday 9-10

AQA GCSE Biology

Tuesday 9-10

AQA GCSE Chemistry

Monday 11-12