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Hemel Private Tuition

1:1 Tuition

Booked Lessons take place at the normal time,  on-line using
Webex  philip-42.my.webex.com

Using a video switcher (ATEM) I can connect up a couple of cameras, the laptop screen and a visualiser to be able to effectively communicate and carry on teaching

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Teaching and Learning on-line

School teaching around here is very patchy. Some schools have closed up shop completely, others offer a bit of online homework and no teaching, to some running Microsoft Teams or similar trying to run a full timetable, 
My home is equipped with cameras, a visualiser, a smartboard, as well as onscreen to give the best poosible online learning environment. If your school is doing well then great, but for the rest then come in an see what I can do for you.

TimeTable for Year 10

In addition to all my experiments on YouTube, I am now running a series covering the whole GCSE syllabus in Science and Maths.
 My YouTube Channel is 
Philip Russell

Edexcel Maths GCSE

Monday 9-10
Wednesday 11-12

AQA GCSE Biology

Tuesday 9-10
Thursday 11-12

AQA GCSE Chemistry

Wednesday 9-10
Monday 11-12