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Hemel Private Tuition

COVID-19 Secure Classroom

Full Social Distancing of minimum of 2m at all times.

Large and spacious including a Separate Waiting area

Welcome to our heated Covid-19 Marquee classroom. This is permitted to be used during the lockdown.

New arrivals are separated from working customers

The working students are kept well apart from those new clients arriving

Separate Entrance not through the house

The alley door takes the student down to  the back of the house where the classroom is in the garden in a large heated Marquee.

Distanced Students

Safety is the overriding concept here.  The students stay at least 2m away from me, protected by sneeze guards. The classroom although in a Marquee in the back garden is fully insulated and heated, has excellent WiFi for the students to connect to.  

Curtaining, separates new students from those being taught

Heavy duty curtaiining separates the class from the new arrivals and the Hygiene Station, ensuring socail distancing at all times.

65" Benq interactive Whiteboard

We are running the latest Smartboard white board software, with hand writing recogniton and 20 point touch, so that the best resources can be used

Maths, Science - Theory and Practical

All have all the equipment to teach all the practical experiments, and enormous resources of examination papers, practice tests and learning resources.

All the Technology for Learning

We have all the equipment from visualisers, the smart tracks, the laterst microscopes, digital oscilliscopes and all the resources to carry out every science practical. 

All students will be expected to wear facemasks

We make it safe so you don't have to worry.